Senior Fitness

It is more important than ever for seniors to stay active and healthy. With advances in medicine, people are living longer and leading more independent lives in their later years. In order to maintain this independence, achieving and maintaining one’s level of physical fitness is essential.

At SophoFit, we help seniors keep the independence they so desire. Our individualized fitness programs help seniors to do the following:

  • maintain muscle, which the aging process depletes
  • improve mobility
  • maintain and increase flexibility to enhance functional movements
  • improve balance to avoid falls and resulting injuries
  • achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • manage multiple, complex medical issues
  • improve cognitive function
  • avoid depression and enhance socialization

After a thorough Fitness Assessment, we discuss our plan with each senior’s physician(s) to ensure participation is approved. We communicate with the senior’s health care team (physicians, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Social Workers, etc.) on an ongoing basis and encourage family members to be actively involved as needed.

Programs are available to seniors in their homes, including settings such as independent, assisted living, and memory care communities. Our services are ideal in the following situations:

  • to supplement outpatient physical therapy when Medicare therapy caps have been met
  • as a reasonable private-pay alternative (or supplement) to physical therapy when seniors can benefit from exercise most days of the week
  • when cognitive impairment prevents a senior from retaining therapy instructions and intensive, repetitive instruction is required for continued progress and safety as a result
  • to provide seniors with additional socialization and peace of mind for family members

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