Corporate/Executive Fitness

Because fitness is an essential part of any wellness program, we provide fitness classes and boot camps for executives and employees on-site at a company’s location, and offer other complimentary services:

  • Equipment/corporate fitness center not required
  • Fitness testing and assessments available
  • Build and train a team or teams of employees to participate in races or fitness events
  • Consulting on corporate fitness center design

See how other companies have utilized our corporate fitness model:

Groupon partnered with Harris to offer free boot camp classes to all of its employees.

Groupon Employee Perks

Here’s what employees have said about our classes:

“I was able to cancel my gym membership shortly after learning about the boot camp because the workouts are exponentially better than anything I could or would do on my own.”


Account Executive, Groupon

“I love the variety and the short intervals–it really keeps my attention. Although I want to die at times it’s really worth it! I also like that Harris tailors some of the workouts to our personal abilities and I never feel like I’m putting myself in a dangerous situation. If I want to stop or take a short break, it’s not a big deal.”

“Having it provided at work (and for free — so nice, and ridiculous to pass up) made it easily accessible to me and with fellow co-workers also nice camaraderie.”

“I consider Harris and his wife Tiffany friends now. They both push me to try different workouts at home or even on vacation.”


Senior Account Executive, Groupon

“I wasn’t really seeing results when I was working out on my own. It was much easier to make excuses and slack off when I had no one to keep me in line. This class is ideal because it’s so convenient and has the supportive group atmosphere.”

“I really like the organization of the class. It’s good to have a lot of options in terms of exercises we utilize and working different areas. It’s also nice going with everyone right after work because it allows a lot of stress relief and an opportunity to build camaraderie and company unity. I like that Harris is tough yet fair and really pays attention to how well each person is performing and is typically able to adjust workouts to fit personal needs.”

“It’s an awesome way to stick with a workout program because it’s right after work, in the building, and with people you know and see every day (so there’s a level of accountability for showing up).”


Account Executive, Groupon

“I like that he is constantly changing it up. He keeps it interesting and it makes the class go quickly. He pushes you, but doesn’t make you feel bad about not being able to do something. He’s a great motivator! He also allows us to make little personal changes that focus on the needs of the individual rather than just the entire class. Personal attention is good and shows he is concerned. It’s a nice stress-reliever at the end of the day and I think Harris has made the experience special, not just a boot camp class!”

“Additionally, it’s good talking with both you and Harris about other fitness and health options; for instance, mentioning the dietitian and her nutrition counseling which would be a great asset to many of us here.”

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